The Unsung Hero

She was the one who took you this world. When you were a tiny life not able to stand on your own. She was the one whose support from back helped you stand ,walk and even run. When you were afraid to go between lot of strange faces, she with a brave heart and faith in you left you to school and just after the school she was there for you .And suddenly all your anger for leaving you all alone that morning vanishes away. By the time she kept teaching you things without even letting you know. You didn’t even realized that combing your hair and to tie your shoe lace ,what looked like the most difficult thing is now nothing at all . A mother surely have some kind of magical power that she just knows how you feel and she solves your problems just before you are gonna worry about that. I think she would b the only person in this universe who can relate to your emotions and feeling to that extent.

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